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The Zoo That Comes to You

ZOO JERSEY  wouldn't be possible without the dedicated tribe of staff who are our core. They ensure that both the company and the animals thrive and flourish. Find out about the incredible individuals who are the pulse of our company. They're even more wild than the animals!

Kaitlin Piazza  ZOO JERSEY Educator (Tri State Area).

ZOO JERSEY  is currently growing its Tribe! 
Check back soon to meet our new Animal Presenters and Animal Technicians!

Danny Mendez  Founder of ZOO JERSEY & Educator.

A zoological specialist with over two decades worth of experience, Danny is the founder of ZOO JERSEY.

After years of working as a zookeeper at The Bronx Zoo, and an extremely successful ten years as curator of the living collection at The Liberty Science Center, Danny embarked on a new adventure by founding an award winning, conservation based radio show, as well as laying the foundations for Zoo Jersey.

With three, human ‘cubs’ of his own, Danny knows exactly how to entertain and engage with children of all ages, and his infectious energy has earned him guest spots as both an animal specialist and personality on a vast variety of television shows, with guest spots on shows ranging from the History Channel and FOX5, all the way to international radio and internet TV. A show with Danny is the ultimate wildlife experience! 

When he’s not inspiring children and adults with ZOO JERSEY, he is travelling across the United States of America, bringing justice for rattlesnakes in Texas, and helping to raise funds for international Crocodile conservation in Florida.

Danny is easily recognizable by his abundance of energy and the usual presence of his beloved Kookaburra, Babakook!

Kaitlin may be our youngest educator, but she’s no fledgling!

A professional pet shop technician, specializing in both domestic and exotic pets, Kaitlin has spent the last year honing her skills as a wildlife educator, appearing before both adult and junior crowds all over the tri-state area.

Kaitlin is an incredibly dedicated and empathetic presenter, who cares as much about the people she meets as she does the animals. At home, Kaitlin is mother to a whole menagerie of animals, from her rescued lizards, such as her chameleons, tegus and bearded dragons, all the way to her hyper family of bouncy ferrets – many of which are rescues from cases of neglect.
When she’s not entertaining and educating the masses about animals, she spends her time working at various New Jersey pet stores, passing on her incredible knowledge and dedication to raising the standards of pet care.

“Though she be but little – she is fierce!”
Kaitlin is easy to identify by her crown of blonde hair, battle scars from wrangling unruly lizards and incredible work ethic!