The Zoo That Comes to You

Dobby & Niffler the Ferrets

When they aren't enjoying their time as social media celebrities, you'll find Dobby & Niffler bouncing around and playing non-stop.  Our friendly and fun ferrets, are always happy to come visit for a ZooJersey personal wildlife experience and they love to be the life of the party.  

Bad idea is one of the most commonly kept pet lizards but his story is unfortunately all too common.  Bad idea was named so, because I agreed to foster him which I knew was a bad idea.  It was inevitable that we'd fall in love and now he helps to spread the word about the importance of responsible pet ownership.  Plus, he's a bearded dragon which means he is super laid-back and an amazing animal ambassador.  You can experience is spiny but surprisingly soft skin for yourself by requesting this Bad Idea for your party.  You'll soon find out why he's so lovable. 

Bad Idea the Bearded Dragon

Dobby the Ferret

Media Noche the Mexican Black Kingsnake

Media Noche the Mexican Black Milksnake

Voodoo & Presto the White Doves

Our pure white doves are nothing but pure rays of love and sunshine.  Always content and cooing, Voodoo (female) and Presto (male) are the same kind of Albino Ring-necked Turtle Doves that are used in magic shows and are exceptionally tame and serene.  They are very calm and incredibly beautiful, they add an elegant touch to our programs.  They are especially popular with young children, elderly, and special needs groups because of their extremely pleasant nature.  Please let us know if you'd like our albino ring neck doves at your next event or if you'd just like to meet them up close and personal!

Zoo Jersey has one of the largest invertebrate collections of its kind including a bunch of arachnid super stars like the leggy Miss Viola or Rosie the Resident Spider ambassador!  With over 15 species in house we can cater to any arachnophile! 

Media Noche our Mexican Black Kingsnake lives up to his name as the king of all snakes, able to consume all types of animals including other snakes, even the venomous ones!  Luckily, Media Noche is one of the sweetest of creatures and may not be one of the most colorful of snakes, but easily one of the most beautiful.  Let Media Noche show you the beauty that many snakes naturally posses along with a large selection of some of the world's most beautiful serpents!

​Fluffy, our rescue Alligator Snapping Turtle is not one of our cuddliest creatures hear at ZJ...but what he lacks in affection he makes up with a spectacular performance and a fascinating story as the largest species of freshwater turtles in North America complete with its own fishing kit!  He's just one of the fascinating creatures at ZooJersey  which are waiting to meet you!


Zoo Jersey prides itself on having a small but diverse collection of animals that are treated like family members and taught to show off their natural capabilities in a fun way.  Our unique collection of animals are uncommon even at most zoos and we deliver them to you in an up close and personal fashion.  Our animals always come first and it shows.  We don't have a large group of animals which are kept in industrial style housing or held in remote facilities.  Each one of our animals are unique and socialized to ensure you have an incredible personal wildlife experience!

When not doing Zoo Jersey programs, our animals are pampered to the highest extent possible with the best diets and accommodations drawn upon from years of experience working in the zoological field. Below is a sampling of just SOME of the animals here at Zoo Jersey, all animals are subject to availability.

"Babakook" is our infamous and much-loved Laughing Kookaburra which is native to Australia.  Babakook usually kicks the festivities off by doing her call on command​ for an excited crowd! When not doing programs for Zoo Jersey, "Kook" as he is affectionately known likes to sit back and munch on some mice while watching nature videos on Netflix and tormenting the mailman.

Call us now: 862 812 4974 ​​

Cuddles the Emperor Scorpion is epic on so may levels, you absolutely need him to come visit!  The jet black Emperor Scorpion is a relatively harmless species that also happens to be one of the largest living scorpions in the world!  Although they are black in color, like all scorpions they glow neon green under ultra violet lighting which you can see first hand!  One of our many species of invertebrates, we can customize your wildlife experience to include some edgy creatures like this as well.  Be sure to request Cuddles when you book your unforgettable experience!


"Clifford" the Big Red snake is a crowd favorite not only because of his bright colors which fool you into thinking he's venomous. But because our Honduran Milk Snake is a gentle giant and wins the hearts over of of even the most unsure of guests.

The lovely little Miss Lola is always a crowd favorite...she is softer than a cloud and sweeter than pie.  Everyone is always shocked when they feel the ultra soft fur of a friendly Chinchilla! As one of our two resident Chinchillas she adds a new dimension to the terms "Cute & Fuzzy"!