The lovely little Miss Lola is always a crowd favorite...she is softer than a cloud and sweeter than pie.  Everyone is always shocked when they feel the ultra soft fur of a friendly Chinchilla! As one of our two resident Chinchillas she adds a new dimension to the terms "Cute & Fuzzy"!

Zoo Jersey prides itself on having a small but diverse collection of animals that are treated like family members and taught to show off their natural capabilities in a fun way.  Our unique collection of animals are uncommon even at most zoos and we deliver them to you in an up close and personal fashion.  Our animals always come first and it shows.  

When not doing Zoo Jersey programs, our animals are pampered to the highest extent possible with the best diets and accommodations drawn upon from years of experience working in the zoological field. Below is a sampling of just SOME of the animals here at Zoo Jersey, all animals are subject to availability.

"Clifford" the Big Red snake is a crowd favorite not only because of his bright colors which fool you into thinking he's venomous. But because our Honduran Milk Snake is a gentle giant and wins the hearts over of of even the most unsure of guests.

"Babakook" is our infamous and much-loved Laughing Kookaburra which is native to Australia.  Babakook usually kicks the festivities off by doing her call on command​ for an excited crowd! When not doing programs for Zoo Jersey, "Kook" as she is affectionately known likes to sit back and munch on some mice while watching nature videos on Netflix.

Mr. Awesome the Brazilian short-tailed possum is always a welcome addition to the show!  This mouse sized marsupial shows us that everything is not as it seems.  Although closely related to our native Virginia Opossum, Mr. Awesome comes in at about 1/20th the size complete with grasping fingers and an amazing prehensile tail!


Zoo Jersey has one of the largest invertebrate collections of its kind including a bunch of arachnid super stars like the leggy Miss Viola or Rosie the Resident Spider ambassador!  With over 15 species in house we can cater to any arachnophile! 

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